We have just published episode 4 of our livestream, and podcast, Unpacking Software. You can watch it now on YouTube, LinkedIn and X.

On the third Thursday of each month we livestream to Twitch, YouTube, LinkedIn, and X Unpacking Software. Each month we chat about the latest news & opinion on the world of software focusing on packaging, software deployment & lifecycle management. We also publish a podcast of our stream, for you to save and enjoy using your favorite podcast manager.

Where do we get our news? In short, everywhere. As a technical team with decades of experience we practice what we preach and ensure we are up-to-date in the software world. Our customers and community often pass us links to articles, blog or forum posts they find relevant or interesting. The resources we used for this month's livestream, and podcast, are below.

Patch Tuesday

  1. Microsoft Warns of Active Zero-Day Exploitation, Patches 60 Windows Vulnerabilities - SecurityWeek.
  2. Adobe patches vulnerabilities in Adobe Reader - SecurityWeek.
  3. Apple patches iOS and MacOS - SecurityWeek.
  4. Securing Git: Addressing 5 new vulnerabilities.

Software News

  1. VMware Workstation and Fusion "Enterprise Standard Pro Edition" goes free for personal use, commercial use moves to subscription model.
  2. Company's entire Google Cloud environment deleted after "misconfiguration".
  3. IBM acquires HashiCorp for $6.4B.
  4. Linux package managers disagree on usefulness of AI / ML contributions.

Security News

  1. GhostStripe attack haunts self-driving cars by making them ignore road signs - The Register.
  2. Negating all VPNs may have been possible since 2002 - TechSpot.
  3. Dell API Exploitation Led to Breach Affecting 49M Customers - LHN.
  4. Site claims to have harvested 4B+ Discord chats, all on sale - The Register.
  5. The end is nigh for Windows 10 21H2.


  1. PowerShell Conference Europe 2024 on June 24 to 27, 2024 in Antwerp, Belgium
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