It was just over 1 and a half years ago when we announced 2 billion installations from the Chocolatey Community Repository. It took us 9 years to get to our first billion downloads. But each subsequent billion is taking less and less time to reach!

Dr Evil saying 'Three billion installs?'

The 2 billion package installations happened on 9 September 2022. At that time we had just under 9,500 unique packages and just over 165,000 total packages. Today we have grown those numbers to over 10,400 unique packages and a staggering 220,000 total packages! Chocolatey Software hosts the largest community repository of Windows packages of any software or package manager on Windows today.

Chocolatey Chocolatey Repository package download counter showing over 3 billion package downloads'

This is all thanks to the hard work by our awesome volunteer Community Moderators, individual package maintainers and the Chocolatey Community Chocolatey Packages maintainers. Thank you to each one of you!

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