We are thrilled to announce the v0.12.0 release of Chocolatey Central Management. This update closes 53 issues, reflecting our commitment to refining Chocolatey Central Management for you.

Discussed below are the main changes included in this release, but we also have a full set of release notes available providing more detail.

Deployment Plans: Your Way

In response to user feedback, we've added the ability to create Deployment Plans from pretty much... anywhere! Creating Deployment Plans is now a breeze with enhanced flexibility. Whether you're targeting a single outdated package on all affected Computers, all outdated packages on one or all Computers, or even creating Deployment Plans directly for a specific Computer or Group – the power is in your hands.

Image collage of where you can create Deployment Plans

Duplicate Groups and Deployment Steps

Save valuable time by duplicating existing Groups and Deployment Steps effortlessly. Need another Deployment Step identical to an existing one? A simple click on the "Duplicate" button effortlessly replicates all the required information.

Image of how to duplicate a Deployment Step

Insightful Group Details

We've heard from our users that in some cases, due to permissions, it was not possible to see the details of a Group. In this release, we've created an enhanced Group Details screen that will report on all of the Groups and Computers contained within the Group, as well as any additional Group-specific information.

Image of Group Details screen of a Group that contains Groups and Computers

Dashboard Upgrade

The Dashboard now offers crucial insights:

  • The number of Computers that haven't reported recently.
  • Total Deployment Plans in Draft, Ready, or Active states.

And the best part? We provide a "Last Updated" feature, ensuring you're always viewing the most current information.

Image of enhanced Dashboard with Last Updated Time

Bug Fixes and User Interface Polishing

We have addressed issues like user impersonation, unnecessary permissions cluttering the user interface, and date format inconsistencies. We've also polished the user interface, ensuring a more consistent and visually appealing experience.

Documentation Clarity

Our documentation has undergone meticulous review to ensure correct capitalization and usage of terms like "Deployment Plan" and "Deployment Step".

Other Information

Curious for more details? Explore the complete release notes for a comprehensive look at all the changes.

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