We are thrilled to announce the v0.11.0 release of Chocolatey Central Management. In this blog post, we'll highlight the key new features.

New Features

Import / Export Deployment Plans

In Chocolatey Central Management v0.11.0, we have added the ability for you to import and export deployment plans in JSON format. Exporting can be done from either the Actions menu in the Deployment Plan tables, or the Export buttons on individual Deployment Plan pages.

See our newly-updated documentation for more information on importing and exporting Deployment Plans.

Export Computer Software Configuration to packages.config

Also newly added is the ability to export a Computer's currently installed packages as a package.config file to snapshot the packages installed and allow you to replicate a machine's Chocolatey packages onto another machine in a single install command.

See our documentation for full examples of how this works!

Deployment Plan Retention Policies

Chocolatey Central Management v0.11.0 also adds the ability for administrators to set retention policies for Deployment Plans. No longer will you have to manually tidy up old Deployment Plans!

See our retention policies documentation for more information.

All Computers (Automatic Group)

Starting in v0.11.0, Chocolatey Central Management adds a new All Computers (Automatic Group). This Group is managed by the system and will be maintained automatically as computers check in. At any given point in time, all computers that Chocolatey Central Management is aware of will be present in this Group.

See our documentation on the All Computers (Automatic Group) for more information.

Deployment Status Email Notifications

As of v0.11.0, Chocolatey Central Management will be able to send out email notifications when a Deployment Plan is completed, to inform you whether it completed successfully or not. This will only work if you have SMTP email already configured.

See our documentation on Deployment Status Notifications for more detailed information.

Other Changes

More information on other changes can be found in the latest release notes.

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