At Chocolatey Software, we are thrilled to share an exciting moment of recognition in the world of technology. Recently, we caught the discerning eye of none other than Linus Tech Tips – a renowned YouTube channel celebrated for its insightful tech reviews and captivating content. We couldn't be prouder to have been featured on this influential platform!

Linus Tech Tips graciously showcased Chocolatey Software's capabilities, shedding light on how it has transformed the way Windows users handle software installations and management.

We can even string together dozens of packages and have our new machine set itself up while we go out and wash the car.

- Linus Tech Tips

At Chocolatey Software, our mission has always been to simplify software management, enhance security, and streamline workflows. Join the growing Community of users who have already embraced the convenience and power of Chocolatey Software. You can also download Chocolatey CLI today for your personal use or explore the robust features of Chocolatey for Business.

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