We are very happy to announce the release of version 3.0.0 of Chocolatey Licensed Extension! This is a major release including breaking changes and a long-awaited feature.

Discussed below are the main changes included in this release but we also have a full set of release notes available.

This release was also the subject of our December 2021 Chocolatey Explained livestream.

:choco-info: NOTE

The chocolatey.extension package has an updated dependency on Chocolatey CLI v0.11.1+.

Package Builder / Package Internalizer


This is a breaking change in the requirements for using packages generated with Package Builder and Package Internalizer.

Packages generated using Chocolatey Licensed Extension 3.0.0 and later will only work on licensed clients. This change also means that the for-public option has been removed from the choco new command. Packages that are destined for the Chocolatey Community Repository should be created without any commercial arguments to the Chocolatey CLI.

For more information about this change, and the rationale behind it, please see our previous blog post.

Microsoft Intune Integration

Using Chocolatey Licensed Extension 3.0.0 it is now possible to convert Chocolatey packages into Chocolatey Intune packages, and push them to your Intune tenant. This enables you to rapidly on-board any Windows software into Intune without being restricted to MSI/MSIX installers or Windows Store software.

This feature has been driven by our customers and we're very glad to have been able to address this need.

For additional information on this feature, check out the docs.

Release Notes

For more information on the breaking changes, features, improvements and bug fixes that were included in this release, please see the release notes.

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