We are excited to announce that Cory Knox has joined the Chocolatey team as a Junior Software Engineer!

Cory Knox, Junior Software Engineer

Cory has been using Chocolatey for many years, using it both at home to help manage his family's computers, and at work for easy configuration of his individual workstation. He has spent the last several years searching for ways to make life easier for administering systems.

Cory first got his PowerShell feet wet with Exchange 2007, and ever since then has been looking for ways to automate everything possible with PowerShell. For the past decade, he has been managing end-user computing devices using a mix of SCCM, PowerShell scripts, and sometimes batch scripts. Not content to click his way through things, he's always looking for ways to automate repetitive tasks.

"Having spent years using Chocolatey, I am really excited to join the team and contribute my knowledge and expertise to help it grow." says Cory.

Cory will be based remotely in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada.

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