We are excited to announce that Stephanie Hays has joined the Chocolatey Team as a Front-End Web Developer!

Stephanie Hays, Front-End Web Developer

"I'm excited to have Stephanie join us at Chocolatey Software. Her unique talents compliment the team well and brings a better user experience to a world that is heavily into automation." said Rob Reynolds, Founder and CEO of Chocolatey.

Stephanie is new to the Chocolatey community, but has served as a Front-End Web Developer for the last 4 years before joining the Chocolatey Team. Stephanie has a knack for designing beautiful, user-friendly, and fast websites.

Many people refer to Stephanie as a "Wizard at CSS and Javascript". Focusing most of her work around the Bootstrap library, she is able to modify and create unique individual looks while retaining universally understandable code.

Efficiency and speed is key in the Chocolatey world, and we're pleased that she takes great joy in seeing just how small and fast she can make a website by utilizing the latest optimization tools (As reputation goes, she'll slash a website by at least a third of its size!).

Stephanie has always had an eye for design. Her love for web development started several years ago when she took an intro to web design class. Since then she has started a few small businesses, but realized it was the process of getting a website up and working that she actually enjoyed the most.

"It clicked in my head one day that I wanted to be a Front-End Web Developer. The process of choosing a color palette, designing a logo, creating a website mockup, and then making that all come to life with code- It all just makes sense to me. It really is my passion!"

One of many projects Stephanie looks forward to the most is implementing UI updates to chocolatey.org.

Stephanie Hays, Front-End Web Developer

"I can't wait to dig in and redesign chocolatey.org! There are several components of the website that could use some updated UI design. I'm ready and up for the challenge!"

Stephanie will be based remotely near Wichita, Kansas, USA. Her cat, Miesha, also assists in website design, so you may see her meowing around. Stay tuned for exciting new updates to the look of Chocolatey in the upcoming months!

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