Back in April 2012, Matt Wrock started the Boxstarter Project. The main aim of the Boxstarter project was to aid with the provisioning of a repeatable and reboot resilient Windows environment. It provided this by wrapping the Chocolatey installation/upgrade commands, and additionally provided helper commands, that would mean that you could fully configure your system, just the way you wanted it. On top of this, it was possible to do this both on your local machine, and also remotely.

Boxstarter Logo

Due to a change in priorities and focus, which you can read about in Matt’s blog post, Matt is no longer in a position to maintain the Boxstarter project. After discussions between Matt and Chocolatey Software, Inc., the decision has been made to move the Boxstarter project under the Chocolatey Organization on GitHub.

Over time, it is likely that some of the features that are included in Boxstarter will be ported into Chocolatey, but for the time being, Boxstarter will remain a standalone project, under the stewardship of Chocolatey Software, Inc., and the Chocolatey Community.

One of the immediate changes that has been made, and which shipped with the 2.11.0 release of Boxstarter was to sign the Boxstarter ClickOnce binary, it's manifests, and all PowerShell scripts, using the Chocolatey Software, Inc. code signing certificate.

If you have any immediate questions, please feel free to reach out on our Community Chat.

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