Happy New Year! We've reached a new year and we could not be more excited to tell you about the features we've been cooking up here at Chocolatey! Chocolatey's Package Synchronizer has enjoyed auto sync for existing packages. Now with the introduction of the sync command, you are able to bring all existing software installed on a system under Chocolatey management!

Automatic Sync

In Package Synchronizer v1, we added in automatic sync for Chocolatey to see changes in software installed on a system that it is tracking with Chocolatey packages. As we wanted those states to match to provide the best possible experience, licensed versions of Chocolatey detect those changes and ensure those packages stay in sync with the software in Programs and Features that they are tracking. Automatic sync is great and the best part is that it just happens, automatically, every time Chocolatey runs.

Sync Command

Now with Package Synchronizer v2, we've introduced the sync command to compliment the automatic sync. You run one command and Chocolatey will bring all software installed on the system under Chocolatey management. Here at Chocolatey we think that's pretty epic, so rather than spend too much time talking about it, we'll just show you what that looks like with a short video.

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