Today is the release of the first alpha version of Chocolatey CLI v2.0.0 that we have been working on for the last few months. This release sees an update to .NET 4.8 and adds support for NuGet v3 feeds, a popular feature requested by our Customers and Community.

With any alpha release comes the accompanying warnings.

:choco-warning: WARNING

This is a pre-release version of Chocolatey CLI and it is NOT suitable for production use! A pre-release version will have bugs that could have a detrimental impact to your environment. Ensure all necessary due diligence steps are taken before using in your environment.

:choco-warning: WARNING

This pre-release version of Chocolatey CLI does NOT work with the Chocolatey Licensed and will prevent the loading of the Chocolatey Licensed Extension if it is installed.

In short, alpha releases mean alpha issues. While we actively encourage you to test this and provide feedback to make the product better, we want you to do that in a safe and isolated environment, away from production.

If you are a Chocolatey For Business customer with Chocolatey Licensed Extension installed, Chocolatey CLI will run as open-source as loading of the Chocolatey Licensed Extension has been disabled for this alpha release.

For a list of other currently known issues, please see this GitHub discussion.

If you run into any problems when using this alpha version of Chocolatey CLI, you can help us by adding a comment on this discussion. Adding issues in one place allows us to easily collate, triage and fix them. Please ensure you add any alpha related issues only to that discussion as we will not be accepting any GitHub issues for this release.

If you simply have questions about this new alpha release, please reach out on our Community Chat.

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