A man from a movie with his finger on his upper lip saying 'One billion installs?'

Wow. We are blown away we've reached this point - all we can say is that we have a wonderful community that really works hard to ensure great software selection and packages! We started this all over 9 years ago and at the time we had no idea it would grow into what it is today. Thank you folks for all the years of support and getting us to this point.

On Sunday morning the community repository quietly rolled over into tres comas of installations. Yes, the community has reached a billion installs (that is billion with a "B") from the Chocolatey Community Repository. If we were not anticipating the event, we might have missed the notice. We quickly captured this screenshot to note the change over:

One Billion Installations

And if you check now (scroll down a little on the home page), you would see that a couple of days have passed and the community is already up by almost 3 million more installs? We did a post at five years and at the time we were up to 36 million installations. If my math is correct, in the last 4+ years we've jumped up by 964 million! That is an almost exponential upward curve to look at compared to the first 5 years! It's really been something to watch our community take off like it has and we thank you for it! We've been working on some things in the background and we've stared sharing more of them, stay tuned as we continue to make some exciting announcements!

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