We are excited to announce that Paul Broadwith, long term member of the Chocolatey community, has joined the team as a Senior Technical Engineer.

"Paul has been a force in the community, doing great things with the community repository in package maintenance, moderation, and support in helping bring new folks up to speed. I'm excited about Paul as he is going to bring some much needed structure to our back end infrastructure and processes which will help us continue to grow!" said Rob Reynolds, Founder and CEO of Chocolatey.

Paul Broadwith, Senior Technical Engineer

Paul's journey with Chocolatey started back in 2015 when he was using Chocolatey to keep his own personal computer up to date. Like most people, the chore of updating everything manually lead to it simply not being done often enough. And that's where Chocolatey clicked for him. It scratched that itch of automating software updates.

In his long IT career, Paul has focused on two important goals - automation and sharing knowledge. He quickly started creating his own packages, helping out others and answering questions in the Chocolatey Community Chat channels and mailing lists. The Chocolatey team welcomed him soon after, as a moderator for packages submitted to chocolatey.org.

With 26 years IT experience under his belt, Paul started in IT at a time when you could know everything 'IT'. But today he focuses on Windows and Linux infrastructure, Active Directory and his new passion, PowerShell.

"Joining Chocolatey Software is a dream come true for me" said Paul, "As a long time user of Chocolatey I am excited to see how I can help it grow and help others get the most from it."

Paul is the founder of the Scottish PowerShell and DevOps User Group and is an active member in the PowerShell and Open Source communities. He will be based remotely just outside of Glasgow, Scotland.

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