We are very happy to announce the release of version 0.15.0 of Chocolatey GUI! This is a major overhaul of the application including a huge number of bug fixes, as well as a number of features and improvements. This release has been a while in the making, but we hope that it will be worth the wait!

The following will highlight a number of the major changes that are included in this release, and you can also see a full set of release notes.

Chocolatey Lib

In previous versions of Chocolatey GUI, we shelled out directly to PowerShell to invoke the various commands that are available within Chocolatey. In this release, we are now using the official chocolatey.lib, which means we now have a much better integration with the features that Chocolatey offers. In doing this refactoring, we have also eliminated a number of the bugs that were present in the previous release, as well as significally improving the overall performance of Chocolatey GUI.

New Branding

When we switched to using WPF as the base framework for Chocolatey GUI, we introduced what we thought was a sensible colour scheme, emphasing on the "chocolatey" theme. Looking back, we think we went a little too far. In the 0.15.0 release, we have changed the branding again, which is more in-keeping with the overall Chocolatey branding.

As an example of this change, the main Chocolatey GUI application screen has gone from this:

Old Chocolatey GUI

to this:

New Chocolatey GUI

If you are interested in seeing more of the evolution of the branding for this release, you can follow along in this commit and then this commit.

We would love to hear any feedback that you might have related to the new branding. Feel free to reach out in our Community Chat or open an issue for discussion on the Chocolatey GUI repository.

Localization of Chocolatey GUI

We know that Chocolatey GUI is used across the world, by speakers of lots of different languages. With this in mind, the decision was taken to support translation of all the major parts of Chocolatey GUI. This will be an ongoing effort, however, in this release, there is now support for English, Norwegian, German and Swedish.

If you are interested in helping support your language in Chocolatey GUI, then please reach out via an issue on the GitHub repository.

We are going to start using the amazing Transifex service to better support this effort going forward.

Release Notes

To find out information about all the features, improvements and bugs that were included in this release, have a look at the release notes.

Going forward...

Looking ahead, we have a number of things that we are thinking about for upcoming releases of Chocolatey GUI. These include things like:

  • Making Accessibility of the Chocolatey GUI application a first class citizen
  • Allowing modification of Chocolatey GUI colours/fonts - i.e. branding


This release would not have been possible without the help of the amazing Chocolatey Community! We thank you all for your support!

The people who helped out with this release are:

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